Paul Kelly:For 2 hours on sunday night, it felt like an excellent share of australia was accumulated round a big campfire.

Paul Kelly:

That campfire was burning on the steps of the sydney opera residence, wherein paul kelly and his band had been maintaining court – no longer just for the tens of hundreds of humans lucky sufficient to be there, but for hundreds of hundreds extra tuning in around the country, looking the abc livestream and tweeting simultaneously.

Leon calvert
Who ever at the abc determined they must broadcast paul kelly stay from the opera house tonight wishes a pay upward push, stat. Soooo excellent! #paulkellylive

November 19, 2017
Jonathan green
Paul kelly: for folks that wondered, that’s what our collective reminiscence looks as if.

Paul Kelly:November 19, 2017
A few say it’s rude to speak at gigs, however for me, looking from home, the excited chatter approximately what we have been seeing brought to the communal sense as #paulkellylive have become the top-trending hashtag in the us of a. There was a collective consciousness that we had been witnessing a celebrated songwriter on the top of his sport, and at a top of reputation – at the age of 62, kelly’s most latest album life is pleasant changed into his first number one, a well-deserved fulfillment for a recording that’s up there along with his quality paintings.

Paul kelly: lifestyles is great evaluate – a number of his excellent songs in years
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As daniel james stated on twitter: “we have to have live song on the abc each sunday night.”

Paul Kelly Funny he should point out it: only hours in advance, the abc had screened its today’s instalment of classic countdown, a restored nice-of the antique application which has also been a massive hit for the national broadcaster. Cannily, it screened in countdown’s authentic time slot of 6pm sunday, adding to the nostalgia of a huge target audience who grew up at the display among 1974 and 1987.

Paul kelly’s 19 november live performance at the sydney opera house became televised live on abc.
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paul kelly: a celebrated songwriter at the top of his recreation. Image: prudence upton
Of direction, the music on countdown wasn’t strictly live, and the nice and cozy glow of nostalgia facilitates us overlook the fact: at the time, super countdown moments (ultimate night’s spotlight turned into divine acting you watched you’re a man) should once in a while be a chunk like finding diamonds in dog turds. Such moments, even though, were miracles of australian tv that in all likelihood wouldn’t be allowed to show up these days.

Paul Kelly So it’s affordable to ask why we don’t have a dedicated stay track program, the limitless parade of canned karaoke quests apart. If we did, possibly we wouldn’t be wallowing in nostalgia for shows like countdown and restoration, as a minimum now not to the same degree. Australia has a wealthy history of music on tv going returned to television disc jockey in 1957, which advanced into australia’s model of the yankee program bandstand.

The abc’s recovery electrified live song television – however may want to or not it’s made today?
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In other phrases, australia has had rock’n’roll on tv pretty much so long as we’ve had each television (which released on this us of a in 1956) and rock’n’roll.

After bandstand, we had six o’clock rock hosted by means of johnny o’keefe, the pass!! Display, gtk (get to recognise), and the seven community’s sounds, on to rock arena, sbs’s rock around the arena (whose host basia bonkowski changed into the difficulty of a memorable tribute by means of melbourne’s painters & dockers), beatbox, the noise and nomad – the show which introduced us to a trio of teenagers referred to as silverchair.

Variety suggests gave priceless extra publicity to australian artists. Even hiya howdy it’s saturday had its moments: aside from that time iggy pop greeted molly meldrum with “hello dogface!” before terrorising harmless teenagers with a microphone stand, no longer even countdown threw up something to match tism’s overall performance of saturday night time palsy, the like of which has not been seen earlier than or in view that.

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Possibly that’s the trouble. Even mimed performances on live tv carried that tantalising opportunity of a couple of minutes of anarchy. All it took was a performer, or organization of performers, inclined to break the format’s fourth wall and strip the cautiously built fact of television away – at which factor matters perhaps got a bit too real for government manufacturers to address.

Which brings me to the occasions of two november 1988.

On that evening, a sydney noise-rock organization referred to as lubricated goat, led by way of one stu spasm, performed the lead track from their simply-released album paddock of affection on andrew denton’s program blah blah blah.

The tune was known as within the raw, and inside the uncooked changed into precisely how the organization performed it – a lot to the horror of touchy visitors who jammed the abc switchboard, no longer to say tabloid editors and talkback radio hosts.

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Eleven years after punk, it was australia’s model of “the dust and the fury” – that daily mirror headline that observed the sex pistols’ notorious look on bill grundy’s these days application in december 1976. Tim bowden, the genial host of the abc’s popular remarks software backchat, answered to the ethical panic by using appearing shirtless behind his desk even as analyzing outraged letters to aunty aloud.

An abc spokesperson informed dad or mum australia the network hoped to build on the success of the aus song month announces: paul kelly last night time and crowded house closing year. They stated track programming, which includes live live shows, “is something we remain very dedicated to … The imminent reorganisation of our content teams will offer greater opportunities for our tune and amusement groups to paintings carefully together”.

I am hoping they’re right. It has been some distance too long given that live song changed into a regular a part of our sunday evenings, not to say our monday water-cooler discussions. Positive, it carries an detail of threat – but as paul kelly showed, it has the potential for joy as properly. And with out the dangers, we’d have none of these classic moments that we hold to have a good time nowadays.

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