Andy murray practised against both boys and ladies in his early years, and went on to play with a number of the arena’s pinnacle female tennis players in combined doubles. He hit the headlines these days for his comments on gender in game, such as once whilst he corrected a journalist’s informal sexism. Here, he writes about his hopes for women in tennis.
I’ve in no way set out to be a spokesperson for girls’s equality.
My revel in of running with amelie mauresmo gave me a small insight into attitudes to girls in sport and, because it became unusual for a male tennis participant to paintings with a lady train, i’m frequently requested about that.
Working with amelie was, for me, due to the fact she turned into the proper man or woman for the process, and not a question of her sex at all. However, it became clean to me that she wasn’t constantly dealt with the same as men in similar jobs, and so i felt i had to speak out about that.
Andy murray and instruct amelie mauresmoimage copyrightafp/getty photos
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Murray and his former educate, amelie mauresmo
For the reason that then, i have been asked about girls’s equality and i would discover it difficult to appearance any of the pinnacle female tennis players in the eye if i did now not talk my mind.

Andy murray corrects journalist over gender claim
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Media captionandy murray corrects a journalist over gender declare
Humans regularly underestimate the quantity of work that it takes to become a top tennis player. And that work ethic is the equal whether you are a guy or a female.
There are hours spent inside the gymnasium, on courtroom, in physio, travelling, analysing fits and warring parties, speakme along with your group, managing your body, and of path, making lots of sacrifices.
All and sundry who has spent any time with any of the pinnacle women will know that they make the ones identical sacrifices and are as determined and dedicated to prevailing as any of the pinnacle guys at the tour.
Serena williams is congratulated by venus williams after prevailing the women’s singles final fit against on day thirteen of the 2017 australian open on january 28, 2017 in melbourne, australia. (picture by using scott barbour/getty pix)picture copyrightgetty snap shots
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Serena williams is congratulated via her sister venus after prevailing the women’s singles final on the 2017 australian open
Whilst i was requested by way of the bbc what i concept approximately girls and boys gambling recreation together until childhood, the solution become pretty trustworthy for me: i assume it is a notable concept.
Andy murray gambling on the beachimage copyrightthe murray family
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A totally younger andy murray (r) gambling swing ball – he started gambling tennis on the age of three
In tennis we advantage, of direction, from having the game of mixed doubles, so males and females, boys and girls, are used to this concept.
A number of the most amusing i have had on courtroom has been whilst playing mixed doubles – with heather watson and laura robson at both the hopman cup in australia and at the olympics. Although they in all likelihood wouldn’t say the same approximately gambling with me!
Heather watson and andy murray of exceptional britain speak inside the combined doubles match against caroline garcia and kenny de schepper of france during day two of the 2016 hopman cup on january four, 2016 in perth, australiaimage copyrightgetty images
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Heather watson and andy murray in the course of a blended doubles in shape in the 2016 hopman cup
As a teen growing up in dunblane, my moms and dads would often inspire me to preparation towards women at dunblane tennis membership.
I extensively utilized to education with svetlana kuznetsova every so often once I educated in barcelona.
Andy at 8 years of ageimage copyrightthe murray circle of relatives
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As a young boy, murray practised against each boys and women
Gambling combined game has massive blessings like making friendships, building confidence and saving cash for faculties and clubs.
So much at an early age is set ball abilities, hand-eye co-ordination and generating a competitive spirit anyway, and now not about strength and speed, so would it not no longer make experience for those skills to study to boys and women alike, at the identical time?
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Having a mother who turned into as involved and involved in recreation as mine turned into, it has always felt very herbal for me that women should be as engaged in recreation as boys.
I now recognize it’s now not the case, and that many ladies drop out when they emerge as teenagers.
It’s far something my mum is enthusiastic about changing. She has a programme known as leave out-hits which teaches girls the basics of tennis – presently boys outnumber ladies 4 to 1 in the sport.
She is making development, however there may be nevertheless a need for plenty extra girl coaches in recreation generally, and some distance greater support at the top degree, to make any real impact.