Okinawa car crash’The USA army has banned all infantrymen stationed in japan from drinking alcohol after one of its servicemen become concerned in a deadly crash on Okinawa island connected to drink riding.

Us troops on Okinawa have additionally been advised to live on base or at home.

The marine crashed his truck into a minivan on sunday, killing the nearby motive force of the alternative car.

Okinawa hosts extra than half of of the usa troops in japan – locals have long resented the military presence.

In a assertion, the united states military showed that one its provider individuals had been worried inside the accident and stated that “alcohol may additionally had been a factor”.

The navy additionally announced “obligatory schooling to address responsible alcohol use, hazard control and ideal behaviour” for all its troops throughout japan.

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Japanese police stated the marine become three instances over the felony blood alcohol limit, reuters reviews.

He is below arrest charged with negligent riding resulting in dying, police say.
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Photo caption in 2016, tens of heaps of human beings joined protests in opposition to the us troops

The usa presence on okinawa in southern japan is a key part of the security alliance among the 2 international locations. The base houses approximately 26,000 us troops.

There are plans to relocate part of it to a much less-populated vicinity of the island, but many okinawans need the air base eliminated altogether.

They item to the alleged crimes and injuries attributed to the troops. Resentment at the usa presence has been growing among many locals, particularly for the reason that 1995 gang-rape of a 12-yr-antique girl by means of us troops.

In 2016, the murder of a female became linked to an ex-marine employed at one of the bases, also main to a brief ban on alcohol as well as a nighttime curfew.