Chile Relleno

½ pound cooked, pro and drained floor pork
three poblano peppers (huge)
2 cups of cheese (American shredded)
2 cups of tomatoe based sauce
Rice and beans (optionally available)

Chile Relleno & Quesadillas

Grill on flame poblano peppers till skin is black, sparkle a few salt and wrap them in plastic movie or bag and allow then relaxation for ½ an hour then take all black pores and skin off, reduce one facet and take all seed out. Then fill with meat and return it to its everyday form and cover with sauce then cheese, bake 5 min to 350 d.
Serve three in a plate with a set of rice and beans as garnish.

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Cooking With los angeles Fiesta part 2

la Fiesta Quesadilla

2 exquisite massive flour tortillas
½ pounds of chorizo (Mexican sausage)
2 chook breast reduce in steaks as skinny as first-rate
2 cup shredded American cheese

Grilled chorizo until color alternate, grilled chicken brest till golden color, in a pan to a medium warm positioned a few butter and one tortilla, on pinnacle of that cheese, chicken chorizo and extra cheese in that order, the cover it with other tortilla and flip the whole pie to make cheese melted on each facets and tortilla is a bit crispy.
cut in 4 components and serve.