bottleneck:Tesla has released its quarterly vehicle manufacturing numbers for the third area of 2017, which it says become its “all-time exceptional sector for model s and version x deliveries” — but it changed into no longer a awesome region for manufacturing of the model 3, of which only 260 have been made. This changed into far under expected totals, which tesla ascribes to “production bottlenecks,” though it additionally says that it “understands” the issues and that there are “no essential issues with the model three manufacturing or supply chain.”

bottleneck:Tesla had said in august that it must be capable of reap production of round 1,500 motors throughout the zone, so it definitely undershot its in advance target. This explains why, at the model three preliminary employee launch event in july, elon musk burdened that model three could face “manufacturing hell,” which could proceed handiest at the tempo of its slowest aspect production charge.

bottleneck:Tesla says that it’s far “confident of addressing the manufacturing bottleneck problems in the close to-time period,” however didn’t offer an updated prediction for its future production potential. Musk stated in july that it is aware of that its manufacturing rate for the three will look like an s-curve, but it’s now not but positive the dimensions and shape of that s-curve, as the issue deliver chain for the vehicle consists of 30 percent of parts sourced from out of doors north the usa, and is challenge to good sized “pressure majeure risk.”

bottleneck:Inclusive of the model 3, tesla produced 25,336 vehicles, the tremendous majority of which were version s and x vehicles. Of the 260 model 3s it made all through the region, 220 were introduced to customers, those being possibly generally personnel and investors.

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