Vin Santo poached:Lucky sir thomas gage. He imported plums from france within the early 18th century and – so the story is going – during the adventure the label become misplaced so nobody knew the fruit’s actual call. When the small green plums arrived in england, they had been given his surname and known as greengages.

Vin Santo poached:Not all greengages are green, although maximum are and they’re ideal dessert fruit, best for consuming as is. They also make a exquisite jam and are a deal with poached.

Vin Santo poached:You can poach them in -elements water to 1-component sugar, but i’ve changed half of the water with sweet vin santo wine from italy, and decreased the sugar.


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I depart the stone in and poach and serve them whole however you could slice them in 1/2 earlier than or after poaching.

Vin Santo poached:The skin will pucker barely while you cook them however it doesn’t have an effect on the taste. Toss a few blanched almonds into the poaching liquid and they emerge as cute and syrupy.

Add overwhelmed italian cantuccini (almond biscotti) for a few bite and creamy ricotta cheese with vanilla and also you’re taken care of.

Serves 4-6

500g greengage plums, ripe but still firm
50g blanched, whole almonds
1 strip of lemon peel
250ml vin santo or marsala wine
250ml water
150g caster sugar
½ vanilla bean, scraped or 7g vanilla bean paste
75g cantuccini (almond biscotti)
250g ricotta cheese

Region the entire plums, almonds and lemon peel in a pan with the vin santo, water and sugar. Deliver to a low simmer and prepare dinner till the plums are barely softened.

The cooking time will vary primarily based on how ripe your plums are however around 10 minutes. The pores and skin can also crack and peel slightly however this received’t have an effect on the taste. When the plums are performed, scoop them out of the poaching liquid and set apart.

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Lessen down the poaching liquid with the almonds till it’s slightly thickened and syrupy. Eliminate from the heat and pour over the plums. At this point you may region the plums, almonds and poaching liquid into a smooth glass jar and refrigerate till you’re equipped to serve.

Mix the ricotta with the scraped vanilla bean or the vanilla bean paste. Roughly crush the cantuccini biscuits, reserving one or complete in line with individual to use as a garnish. For all people, serve numerous plums with almonds, a beneficiant spoonful of ricotta cheese and a sprinkling of the beaten biscuits. Drizzle a number of the poaching liquid on top and garnish with an entire biscuit. Serve with a glass of vin santo on the side, in case you’re so willing.

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